Welcome to the Museum
of Canadian Folk Art!

This museum is dedicated to the celebration, documentation, and promotion of Canadian folk art.

For the  purpose of this site, we have defined "FOLK ART" as an unique object of aesthetic and artistic merit, produced by a self-taught artist with a limited awareness of contemporary and historical art content.

THE FOLK ARTIST MARCHES TO HIS (OR HER) OWN DRUMMER. They may not consider themselves artists. They paint, carve, and  build for themselves, their friends and their family. The technique  is often crude, using materials at hand (house paint, cardboard, logs etc.), but what the folk artists produce is an evocative reflection of their environment, and often a testament to a highly developed imagination.

Canada has generated an abundance of wonderful folk artists. It would be impossible to document each and every one of them. We  have tried to make a cross-section of the more prominent artists, organized by their home province into galleries. We will build upon  these provincial galleries as more artists are discovered, and more information becomes available.

Please use the gallery links at the top of the page to access the provincial galleries. We also have additional information links including the gallery shop where you can purchase genuine pieces of Canadian folk art, and the folk art forum for discussions on our favourite topic.

We now invite you to sit back, explore, and discover a growing  collection of great Canadian folk art. The museum is open!