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Phillip and Jeanine Ross
Phillip & Jeanine Ross (with friends)

Folk Art Canada is a site dedicated to the celebration, documentation and promotion of Canadian Folk Art. The site was initially a collaboration between folk art enthusiasts Phillip and Jeanine Ross, and their daughter Cassandra. Phil and Jeanine have garnered an excellent reputation as folk art and antique dealers over the past twenty-five years. They have also amassed an impressive personal collection of Canadian folk art. For every piece of folk art they have bought, sold or kept (and there are many on the walls, tables, floors... pretty much every surface of their home), they have gained knowledge about the artist and the art form. It was their desire to document this knowledge and to celebrate Canada's rich folk art tradition that first sparked the idea for an "online folk art museum". They envisioned a site with artist biographies, images of artwork, and a resource library for other folk art fans. Cassandra, meanwhile, knew basic html and had some spare time after she graduated from University. The site launched in 2001 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Throughout the years Folk Art Canada has grown to include a Gallery Shop (Shadfly Antiques is the bricks and mortar shop Phil and Jeanine own in Port Dover, Ontario) and an interactive Forum. Cassandra continues to sharpen her skills as a website designer, and Cassandra's husband Anson has taken over as technical guru for the site. The couple has also been seduced into the world of Folk Art collecting. Despite starting their collection only recently, Cassandra and Anson are slowly filling their Toronto apartment with the bright, expressive eccentricities of Canadian Folk Art. It is safe to say they are now hooked for life.

Cassandra and Anson
Super-serious Webmaster Cassandra Ross & Anson "Dilbert" Chan

Folk Art Canada is made possible by the participation and encouragement of folk art collectors, dealers and visitors like you. Many of our images are generously donated from private collections for use on our site. Likewise, visitors have provided us with valuable information that has enriched the artist galleries and biographies. In the future, we would like to add special theme exhibits, first person testimonials, and reviews of shows and exhibitions across Canada.

We have ambitious plans for Folk Art Canada but we are excited about our growth! If you would like to help, we are always looking for gallery, show and artist information, as well as images of folk art. If you have a folk art related article you would like to write we'd love to hear from you! We also encourage all our visitors to join the forum and add their two cents to the discussions. All contributions and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support of Folk Art Canada and we hope you enjoy the site!

Support Folk Art Canada with your contributions and help us promote Canadian folk art worldwide. Please direct your comments to the following people:

Cassandra (your friendly webmaster) - Contact me with any article ideas, photos of folk art, site ideas, comments and even (gasp!) criticism.

Administration - Use this email for advertising inquiries and technical issues.

Phillip & Jeanine Ross - Contact FAC's folk art experts directly with your folk art questions or comments.

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