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Philip Melvin

Philip Melvin was born in 1938. We list him here as a Western Provinces artist because his last known residence was in Vancouver, British Columbia, but in fact Melvin has lived all across Canada. He was born in Lamanche, Newfoundland. From there he travelled to Toronto Ontario, and once described himself as ‘the biggest fool that ever hit Toronto’ and as ‘the man from Lamanche’. Finding himself in continual trouble with the law and at the periphery of society, he spent a good deal of time in correctional facilities or rehabilitation centres. In 1980 he began carving religious plaques and subjects, as well as painting Toronto landmarks and familiar sights. Spending time at the Lakehead, or in Toronto, often at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Philip Melvin would sometimes turn to carving in hope of selling a few pieces as a means of minimal survival. Philip Melvin moved to Vancouver where he continued to get into trouble with authorities. He made the news when he was found wandering around Stanley Park with a power saw. He was just looking for deadfall for his sculpture but the authorities thought otherwise. His work was included in the 2000 Canadian Museum of Civilization exhibition “Under the Sign of the Cross: Creative Christianity in Canada”.

Reference: From the Heart, A Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists, Terry Kobayashi and Michael Bird, The Nouveau Gallery (online edition)

Melvin #1
Text from painting reads: "I'm a green deer in from Belfast" Big Red -" We got enough of green in this country"

Melvin #2

Martin Luther King Jr.