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Wallace Murdoch
Wallace Murdoch

Wallace Manson Murdoch was born on April 24th, 1893 in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Before he was a year old, his parents moved to the South River Area. He married Myrtle Boyd in March 191, and they moved to the Barrie area. Then in 1930 they bought a garage / service station in Guthrie Ont.

Soon thereafter, Wallace started and operated a school bus service which he continued to operate for twenty eight years. The Murdochs raised two sons and five daughters.

Wallace suffered a severe heart attach in 1959 which forced him to retire. Very quickly he found it difficult to stay quiet, so he started to carve. In the beginning, he just cut out two dimensional horses from plywood. Then he began to carve in three dimensions from a block of wood. Later he began to add details such as harnesses, sleighs, wagons, carts, and stage coaches.

He fashioned knives to fit his needs. He enjoyed other people’s pleasure in seeing his work. He gave some carvings away, and sold some, but left many for his wife and children when he died on November 3rd, 1966.

When asked by Toronto Star reporter Dean Hughes in a 1966 article,”What does he get out of it? Obviously he doesn’t do it for the money.” He replied “ I seem to leave a little of myself behind in everything that I carve. The time just seems to fly by.”

Click here for a fuzzy but still legible photocopy of the original Toronto Star article on Wallace Murdoch.

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